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30th May 2022
to 31st Dec 2022

Age Range
All ages

Sowing the Seed

Artists Edwina Guckian, Brian Mostyn and Fionnuala Maxwell have been researching the customs and folk traditions of Ireland associated with straw.

These strawing traditions usually propagate music, song, dance and devilment while the roots of these traditions and many associated customs within the Irish calendar year all lead back to the influences of the environment, climate and fertility of the soil. They greatly influenced social traditions of the rural communities and were directly connected with the daily and yearly routine of work. Some of these traditions are still practiced in Leitrim, others are now only memories of an older generation long gone.

Working with many communities across the county, these Leitrim artists aim to reach and revive many of these traditions as well as bringing modern day uses to them.

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