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21st Sep 2020
to 25th Sep 2020

Age Range
All ages

St. Gabriel's Centre 'Sing Me To The Sea'

Sing Me To The Sea is a creative artistic production for children with profound disabilities. It engages children with even the most severe level of disability in an immersive multisensory water based experience.

The show is unique in so far as it is performed in a hydrotherapy pool (heated to 27 degrees) with 3 or 4 participants, 3 or 4 artistic performers as well as an accompanying parent to support and share the very personal experience with their child.

This is not a therapy led initiative but one where the artistic performer takes the child on a magical journey of exquisite harmony, where they can experience water and sound which aims to soothe, stimulate, and explore a range of aural, visual and tactile experiences with each child.

For children who are already marginalised in society it promotes an interest and knowledge in the arts.

Sing Me To The Sea is both a piece of art and a piece of advocacy for the right of all children but especially for children who are profoundly disabled to experience the arts in a way they don't during regular physiotherapy, occupational therapy or other intervention therapies.

As a society we aim to remove barriers to participation, however, for so many children with disabilities, they may be able to access a building that houses the arts, but the content is often not meaningful or relevant to them.

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