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1st May 2024
to 31st Oct 2024

Age Range

Louth Local Development Office

A92 KP58

Step into my World - Empowering Homeless Voices Through Art

This project seeks to deepen collaboration between Creative Ireland & Healthy Ireland while empowering people who have experienced homelessness to tell their own stories. It is only when communities are empowered to speak for themselves, to tell their own stories and challenge existing perspectives and beliefs, that empathy can provide a genuine platform for lasting social change.  Through the project we aim to raise awareness & reduce the stigma that is often associated with homelessness and take a targeted upstream approach to homeless prevention.

Healthy Louth will collaborate on this project with Louth Local Development Company (SICAP) and work with a selection of participants from a range of services that work with homeless persons:

A male living in Direct Provision;

A woman living in the women's refuge centre;

A family living in Peter McVerry House;

A homeless man living in Simon Community

The Project Coordinator will meet with each participant to outline the initiative's remit, their expected input and secure their agreement to become involved and each participant will be provided with individual and/or group sessions with an Art Therapist and a Growth Mindset Therapist to discuss their reality, their challenges and the stigma of their situation.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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