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2nd Oct 2023
to 31st Dec 2023

Age Range

Summit Sisters Encountering Wellbeing

The Summit Sisters Encountering Wellbeing is a creative project developed by Mountaineering Ireland and informed by teenage girls. It is an exciting adventure where the participants explore the great outdoors and their own interests. 

By using all their senses hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste plus engaging their brain by map reading and creative practice they will create new memories and knowledge of the world around them. This improves visual literacy, reinforces positive knowledge of themselves and reveals new areas of discovery and creativity.

The project will take place over 3 days with 14 teenage girls from 2 direct provision centres. 

Day 1 will involve investigating Carrickbyrne Hill which is right next to Direct Provision Centre, thus giving them ownership and involvement of the local area. They will grasp the importance of navigating and map reading plus simple ways to identify features on maps encouraging new perspectives and the ability to step outside their own point of view. 

On day 2 working with artist Jenni Roddy and musician Laura Hyland the participants will create a sound map getting inspiration from Curracloe Beach/Raven Woods using skills and building on the experiences from day 1.

On day 3 the participants will unite in a creative workshop as a group to create a collage or memory drawing from the experiences of the previous 2 days.

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