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14th Jul 2021
to 1st Oct 2021

Age Range
13 - 17


C/o Sadie Gallagher
F92 F8Y9

“Sur les routes du Donegal” (On the roads of Donegal)

Sur les routes du Donegal (On the roads of Donegal) is a radio series featuring sean-nós singers from West Donegal. It is broadcasted on Breton radio RKB, rooted in the center of Brittany, France, a place with a strong tradition of singing as well. The first season of the show (4 episodes) featured singers from Gaoth Dobhair area and this second season will travel to the islands of Árainn Mhór and Toraigh.

The project aims to present West Donegal from a strong musical and cultural point of view to French listeners, placing Irish language at the center of the episodes, each one featuring historical and cultural developments linked to the places, discussions and stories. A substantial interest in the series goes to the Irish language and its preservation, depicting it not only through sean-nós but also through history, poetry, story-telling, and literature, all of them being closely related to each other. The music tracks illustrating the series are all chosen from a range of selected artists from Donegal and the North of Ireland, or are closely related to the subject of the episode and the stories. One intention of the radio project is to build a series which would work, as much as possible, as an “immersion” in the Gaeltacht for the French listener, while also being accessible, to a certain extent, to Irish listeners.

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