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1st Jun 2023
to 30th Nov 2023

Age Range
All ages

Swift Conservation Mural

Through the Swift Conservation Mural, Ballinlough Residential Association and Birdwatch, Cork Branch will re-imagine our birds, wildlife, parks and the natural environments that sustains them, for their benefit, the local community and Cork City.

The large-scale mural will depict how these beautiful birds inhabit our world, inspire wonder and impact the community to bring a sense of place, pride and belonging. The mural’s focus on wildlife and natural spaces will promote the wellbeing of swifts and individuals locally and in the wider community.

Within a facilitated workshop, members of the public will be offered the opportunity to connect with nature and make stencils of swifts and elements within the species habitats, will be applied to create part of the design in the mural. Participants will be inspired to re imagine their natural environments and the species they sustain in their localities and their engagement will transform their thinking to protect and conserve the swift, to ensure its recovery for the future. This work will develop individuals and communities’ knowledge and awareness of climate change and the impact will inspire positive action and behaviour to protect and preserve nature.

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