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Take a Chance: Improvisation, Performance and Claiming Space

This project involves putting our younger members centre stage to produce a high quality theatre improvisation show for public performance. The group will collaborate with artist Darren York, over a series of 12 workshops.

Darren’s improvisation and Theatre Spirts programme offers an exciting opportunity for our ensemble to use theatre technique to both build up their theatre-making toolkit and to use the theatre workshop space to break down some of the fear and uncertainly generally that comes with decision-making, putting yourself forward, and taking a chance.

Having worked with Darren Yorke on the Create Louth youth theatre residential in 2018, we know his practice completely lends itself to the kind of work we want our juniors to experience— quick, spur-of-the-moment decisions, collaborations in minutes, taking artistic ownership of a moment, reacting with speed, and speaking up without shutting others down.

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