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Three men record a podcast with microphone in a pub setting

8th May 2023
to 27th Oct 2023

Age Range
13-18 and/or 18+

Teenage Wasteland Podcast Live with Mick Cronin

Two live podcast shows featuring Westmeath artists, writers, musicians and performers with a view to connecting with local creative practitioners and highlighting the formation of their art during their formative, teenage years.

Beyond the obvious benefit to the artist - documenting the formation of their creative process, providing a platform for them to be interviewed in public on a podcast which will then be featured on Spotify and promoted to the wider public - the live show and podcast will also promote Westmeath and will provide a spotlight on the creative environment in the county that enhanced the formation of these Westmeath artists.

The following is an outline -

Guests are invited to share their teenage soundtrack with us. During the podcast, we play six songs suggested by our guests which we play live during the podcast.

Teenage Wasteland is a podcast produced by Michael & Johnny Cronin, Cronin & Live Transmission Records and Will Russell, Hotpress Magazine.

These podcast live shows will provide an excellent platform to highlight Westmeath artists and their creative endeavours to a large audience. In addition, will include a number of Westmeath artists on each season of the podcast beyond 2023.

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