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9th Apr 2024
to 15th Nov 2024

Age Range
13-15 and/or 16-18

Foroige The Drum,

MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre,
R95 W8RH

The Art of Change

This programme of workshops aims to facilitate a series art workshops for young people ages 13-18yrs in which they can explore environmental and climate change issues through the medium of art.

Spring into Creativity: Phase 1 Workshops

Embark on a six-week journey where creativity knows no bounds. Each week, a new horizon unfolds as a different artist or facilitator guides young minds through the vast landscape of art forms. This spring, witness the seeds of imagination sprout into ideas as our participants:

  • Discover: A variety of art forms from painting to poetry.
  • Connect: With artists who inspire and ignite passion.
  • Create: Art that reflects their unique perspectives and experiences.
By the end of Phase 1, each young artist will have discovered a calling – be it a topic, an art form, or an artist – setting the stage for a deeper exploration in Phase 2.

Autumn Adventures: Phase 2 Workshops

As leaves turn and the air grows crisp, our 10-week Autumn series takes a deep dive into the creative realms chosen by our young participants. It’s a time to:

  • Focus: On a chosen topic, art form, or artist.
  • Develop: Skills and techniques under the guidance of a dedicated coordinator.
  • Express: Themselves through a more intensive, personalized creative process.
Phase 2 is about nurturing the creative spark ignited in Spring, allowing it to grow into a flame that lights up the world of art.

To book your place contact Kathy at

All equipment supplied.  Everyone welcome.  Max 20

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