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18th Sep 2020

Age Range
All ages

Cavan Geopark

Cavan Burren Park
MAC Global Geopark

The Barber of Belcoo

A new play commissioned for a rehearsed reading at the MAC Global GeoPark.   The play will be set in the landscape and explore themes of isolation and ageing in a rural border area in a witty and irreverent manner.  The rehearsed reading with professional actors and director will take place in the romantic West Cavan landscape.

Angela Maguire has a lot on her mind: there's a draught coming in at the back door; her landlord is demanding his rent; her brother is back on the drink; his girlfriend wants a cooked breakfast; a reporter is looking an interview; an old boyfriend wants to take her to see Barbara Streisand; a mystery mobile phone has turned up among her groceries in Lidl; and the crows are doing an awful bit of whackering up about the Cavan Burren Geopark.

Written by John McManus and directed by Padraic McIntyre.

This is a live event which will take place in Cavan Burren Park as part of Culture Night on Friday the 18th of September. Booking, which is essential, can be made by contacting:

For more details, visit Cavan Arts.

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