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12th Dec 2024

Age Range
All ages

Rothe House

16 Parliament St,
16 Parliament St,
R95 P89C

The Christmas Miscellany at Rothe House

Step into the festive spirit with The Christmas Miscellany at Rothe House, a beacon of Kilkenny’s cultural life. This cherished event is more than just a showcase; it’s a celebration of the arts, bringing together writers, performers, musicians, and singers from our vibrant community.

In the cozy embrace of Rothe House, artists and audiences alike will find a platform for diverse voices and talents. We’re committed to balancing the stage with an equal representation of male and female artists, reflecting the rich tapestry of our society.

As we usher in the holiday season, The Christmas Miscellany aims to be a prestigious annual tradition, supporting and uplifting cultural endeavors. It’s a place where stories and songs not only resonate within the walls but also kindle the warmth of community and shared values.

Event Highlights:

  • Intimate Performances: Experience art in its purest form in the historic Rothe House.
  • Seasonal Reception: Enjoy festive drinks as part of your journey through our local culture.
  • Inclusivity in Art: A commitment to equal representation and support for artists from all walks of life.
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