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1st Sep 2022
to 17th Jan 2023

Age Range
All ages

The Coiffured

For over a decade, Leitrim’s Arts Office and Local Enterprise Office have facilitated artists to work with Leitrim companies, providing platforms for creative collaboration and opportunities where artists can explore unique environments for their practice and where companies can explore new ways of thinking about what they do.One of the most successful collaborations to date has been between artist Amanda Jane Graham,who was a hairdresser for many years before becoming a professional artist, and Drumshanbo based (HABIC) - a non-profit, membership based national organisation committed to representing, supporting, and developing the Hair & Beauty industry in Ireland. While this project is a uniquely creative endeavour born out of the work of artist Amanda Jane Graham, as a project it seeks to both advance the mission of HABIC and to demonstrate the extent to which creativity programmes like Spark can have unique value in any environment.The project to date has led to the development of a compendium of research collated by the artist looking at the significant historical landmarks in the history of hairdressing from the headdresses of Egyptian pharaohs to Marie Antoinette and Edmund Burke who declared “the occupation of a hairdresser cannot be a matter of honour to any person”. The project will culminate in an exhibition of drawings, sculptures and installation along with a publication of research and conference events at the Irish Architectural Archive on 17th Jan 2023 @6.30pm.

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