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1st Jun 2022
to 30th Oct 2022

Age Range
All ages

The Cure by Alan Bradley

The Cure is a short documentary film that explores the uniquely Irish tradition of ‘the cure’. The cure is a form of folk medicine interweaving home remedies with superstition and religion and a sprinkle of magic and mystery.
The tradition of ‘the cure’ predates Christianity in Ireland and it is usually passed down through the generations of a family. It is woven into the fabric of Irish society, particularly in the rural context.
Through the research conducted by Cavan County Museum, the film will examine the roots of ‘the cure’ in Ireland and place it in its present societal context.  

The film will present a host of Cavan characters who hold cures for various ailments including warts, shingles, ring-worm and cold sores.

Charming, quirky and insightful in its tone, the documentary will celebrate an often hidden aspect of Irish culture and tradition. 

Directed and produced by Cavan native Alan Bradley.

On completion of production, the film will be showcased in Cavan County Museum.  

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