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The Drumshee Ceili Show _ Dark Daughters Production

Dark Daughter Productions & Active Seniors Lettermacaward & Doochary, invites the audience to experience the atmosphere 1950s ceili show, titled The Drumshee Ceili Show. “This laugh a minute show, will transport the audience back to the Ceili Days of West Donegal’s 1950’s. We ask if you choose to get your 50s styles & swing skirts on, and come along to be part of the experience. Join in the ceili dancing and then sit and listen to the comedic short scenes with Drumshee characters, unfold in this 1.30 min show”   Active Seniors Lettermacaward and Doochary actors will grace the stage along with Dark Daughter Productions. Maureen Elliot of Gweebarra’s Elliot’s Bar has her ceili musicians “show” ready, as have the Active Senior Lettermacaward and Doochary  Ceili Dancers, their Ceili Dancing shoes polished, for show night.

The cast of  30 actors play a variety of comedic characters. 

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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