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1st Nov 2023
to 1st Feb 2024

Age Range
All Ages



The Enniscorthy Time Machine

The Enniscorthy Time Machine invites two different generations of the town (15-16 year olds and over 55s) to creatively explore what makes Enniscorthy special. Viewed through the lens of different times in history (the 1570s, the 1970s, the 2070s and the 2570s), participants will also consider what they would change about the town if they could. Working with acclaimed Wexford writers Billy Roche and Caroline Busher, participants will channel their thoughts and ideas through creative writing sessions, asking questions such as: what was it like to live in old versions of Enniscorthy?; how could the town flourish in the future with changes made now?; what would Enniscorthy look like if climate action is not taken?; and what buildings and artefacts might still exist in 500 years?  The project prompts participants to dream big about a better future, encouraging engagement with the themes of climate action and social justice. New poems, stories and songs will be created, providing a platform for voices to be raised about what is important about the community’s heritage and what a positive future might look like.  Culminating in a live performance at a public place from the Festival in a Van stage, participants will share their creative thoughts and visions with other townsfolk. A printed pamphlet containing all the participants’ writing will be created. This will give the work a place in the archive and repertoire of Enniscorthy’s cultural history, and emphasise the importance that

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