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The Family Album Project for Parish of Killucan

17th Aug 2019
to 20th Dec 2019

Age Range
All ages

Killucan, Mullingar


The project centres around scanning a visual record of life in the area through the family albums of the older members of the community.  The family album is a documentation of family events, which provides a visual record of a particular time and place, recording such things as fashion, kind of transportation, change in farming practices, community events etc.  During Heritage week families will be invited to the Workman's Hall in Rathwire to bring along their family albums which will be professionally scanned.  The scanned images will be archived for posterity in solander boxes using archival materials and housed in Mullingar Library and there will be an exhibition of the photos to which the community will be invited to view.  The idea for the project developed from a growing awareness that the older generation from the area was dying out and with their passing a rich reservoir of visual heritage would be lost.  Visual artist Geraldine O'Reilly and Photographer Tim Durham are the instigators of the project.

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