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16th Mar 2021
to 8th Jun 2021

Age Range
All ages

The History Fix

‘The History Fix’ is the name given to a series of 13 x 45-minute radio programmes that explore Kilkenny history and heritage through the ages. It is presented by MaryAnn Vaughan and broadcast every Tuesday on KCLR 96FM. The aim of the series is to present stories from the past in an accessible engaging manner. To achieve this, the series uses the following features:

  •  ‘Curious Cases’ – an approximately 5-minute piece within the programme where MaryAnn tells a story from newspapers dated in the 1800s to the early 1900s. She may pick a court case or an issue that is bothering the local council or community. The stories are usually humorous and always interesting and give an insight into society at that time.
  • Hidden Figures – a short feature within the programme where we explore the life and times of a Kilkenny person who is not that well known. The aim of this feature is to bring the lives of hidden Kilkenny figures to the fore and highlight their achievements and value their contributions.
  • Things that Made Us – a short feature that identifies 6 intrinsic parts of Kilkenny, from the city walls to the River Nore, from the Liber Primus to agriculture and hurling. The aim of this feature is to explore what is valuable to us as Kilkenny people and to contextualise them within their historical significance. 
  • The series will also cover many other aspects of Kilkenny’s social, political, sporting, and industrial history.

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