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1st Jun 2023
to 30th Nov 2023

Age Range
All ages

The Impact of Musical Neighbourhoods

‘The Impact of Musical Neighbourhoods: A documentation of practice and research on sustainability’ will invite all involved in Musical Neighbourhoods to participate in research to capture the depth of information, experience, vibrancy, and diversity within the community music project’s network. Data will be gathered in a variety of ways, with some participants interviewed orally, while others will engage with surveys and written questionnaires about their experiences. Participants will be given time and space to submit their own music, stories, photos, and videos to capture their own experiences of being a part of a Musical Neighbourhood.

A wider cross section of Corkonians will also be engaged through collaboration with community partners such as Hollyhill Library, Niche, and the Traveller Visibility Group. New musical participants and audience members will be encouraged to get involved and to voice their opinions to shape their own musical neighbourhood. Musical Neighbourhoods’ work and outcomes to date will be documented, archived and summarised, providing a valuable resource for future reference and evaluation. A written report and documentary style film will be presented locally and at national music conferences, serving as a source of inspiration for others and providing a record of the project's contribution to the cultural and social fabric of the northside of Cork City. A strategic development plan will be drafted to address the future sustainability of the project.

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