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The Irish Civil War - Galway Centenary Conference

Six months after the signing of the Anglo Irish Treaty on December 6th 1921 Ireland was plunged into civil war when members of The Irish Republican Army (IRA) who were opposed to the Treaty took control of the Four Courts in Dublin on the 28th of June 1922.
As a result of this action and when all negotiations failed the then forces of the Provisional Government began shelling the Four Court. After two days of heavy shelling and sniper fire the members of the IRA surrendered at 3.00PM on June 30th 1922.
This action is seen as a starting point in a war which would leave indelible scares on the Irish political and cultural landscape to this day. The Galway Centenary Conference Saturday August 20th 2022 will explore a variety of topics relating to the Irish Civil War and examine its legacy. The conference will be broadcast live on Zoom and Facebook and later added to a specially
designated YouTube channel for posterity.

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