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1st Jan 2024
to 31st Dec 2024

Age Range
All ages

Tramore Valley Park

South Ring Road

The KinShip Project 2024

The KinShip Project is a durational public artwork at Tramore Valley Park led by artists Marilyn Lennon and Sean Taylor in partnership with Cork City Council.  

In 2024 KinShip's initiatives will extend the project's environmental stewardship at the Park and increase community engagement with the project. Activities will include the development of the KinShip Working Group, the unveiling of the KinShip EcoLab with a public launch event and ongoing community programming, and partnership with Green Spaces for Cork on an avian tower design competition in collaboration with Cork School of Architecture.  Efforts will also extend to biodiversity advocacy through involvement in the Tramore Valley Park Biodiversity Action Plan advisory group and organisation of a public webinar on the Rights of Nature.

Additionally, KinShip will continue to facilitate artist collaborations, including current Artist in Residence Collette Lewis' work with Fiber Flows Laboratory in collaboration with MTU Clean Technology Centre.  KinShip 2024 will also collaborate with The PLoT art project, which focusses on community urban land use. The PLoT artist will engage in public workshops using 3 mobile hand carts, after which the carts will be offered as an infrastructure for future community activities and events in Tramore Valley Park.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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