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24th Apr 2023
to 29th Sep 2023

Age Range
All ages

The Land That Feeds Us, Workshops with Sophie von Maltzan

“The land that feeds us”  creates a synergy between human, animal and plant.

This is a socially engaged, collaborative environmental art project that explores an alternative food network and a creative investigation into increasing beef farming’s economical and societal viability through becoming environmentally and socially sustainable. The project is a collaboration with students from the local National School and the local community members from the Rosemount and Moate area, contributions from the general public through recipe submissions are also welcome.

A heifer brought up in a herd in Westmeath, fed on native grass and herbs on land that has not been ploughed, sprayed or artificially fertilised for decades, will be butchered locally and all the parts possible of the animal will be cooked, using local and historic knowledge. The recipes will be gathered by Von Maltzan in the community. The community members will then cook their recipes with local chef Claire Dunning. 

This process-based socially engaged art project is aimed at reminding, reviving and celebrating the land that feeds us. There will also be a legacy outcome for the local community to share far and wide as the recipes will be archived and published on a bespoke website along with a project outcome report which will explain and document the project including the cooking and art and craft community meetings.

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