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1st Jun 2024
to 30th Jul 2024

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Aughagower Village


The Life of Fr. PF Malone

The community group "Friends of Fr. Malone" will be publishing a book, detailing the life of Fr. Patrick F. Malone, a multi-faceted individual from Arderry, Aughagower, Westport, Co. Mayo.  Fr. Malone, who was born in 1895 and passed away in 1979, was more than just a priest: he was a priest, photographer, filmmaker and poet.  Renowned for his films like 'Beautiful Tourmakeady' and 'Lovely Ireland', his legacy also includes a treasure trove of poetry that he wished to share posthumously.

This book will not only illuminate Fr. Malone's remarkable journey, from his Irish upbringing to his experiences in the USA and China, including a harrowing escape but also features his evocative poetry, alongside insights into his cinematic and photographic works.  Additionally, it will incorporate anecdotes and memories from those who knew him, offering a rich tapestry of his life and the Ireland he so deeply loved.

The aim extends beyond documenting Fr. Malone's life; it's about preserving the essence of an older Ireland and its people, the very subjects Fr. Malone immortalised.  Through this endeavour, we hope to compile a historical repository, accessible to future generations.

To honour Fr. Malone's wishes and ensure this rich history endures, the book will be launched to the public during Reek Weekend, the last weekend of July, 2024.  This event will serve as a tribute to his legacy and a celebration of the stories he left behind, including his poignant poetry.

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