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15th Sep 2024
to 31st Dec 2024

Age Range
All ages


The Lost Stories

Building a sense of connection with the landscape of Donegal’s latest Greenway. The ‘Lost Stories’ videos capture the history of the Dungloe & Glenties area for users to discover as they explore the area by bicycle along the new N56 cycleway. Featuring members of local communities, many stories linked to the landscape are preserved for visitors and future generations to enjoy.

Capturing the lost stories of a local area is crucial for preserving its heritage, understanding its cultural evolution, and fostering a sense of community identity. These stories provide insights into the lives, traditions, and events that shaped the area, helping current and future generations connect with their roots and help visitors appreciate the richness of their surroundings. Additionally, documenting these stories ensures that valuable historical knowledge is not lost or forgotten over time. From September 2024 these stories will be available by QR code at different points as you cycle along the route to discover and enjoy. 

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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