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1st Feb 2022
to 10th Dec 2022

Age Range
All ages

The Nature Project

The Nature Project is an innovative collaborative project comprised of a series of enquiries connected with Environmental change, such as the role of forests and peatlands in Climate Change. The primary research is situated on the landscape of Bragan mountain and the Arctic glaciers to explore the Anthropocene as a powerful lens for looking at the relationships between humans and nature.

Siobhán's art practice draws attention to contemporary topics dealing with air, breath and atmospheric phenomena, weaving scientific knowledge into her art in a poetic and thoughtful manner. Her works manifest in many forms including painting, drawing, film and sound. To find out more about Siobhan's work please go to

2022 has been an incredible year so far made possible by the Creative Ireland support, which has allowed Siobhan to work on new strands of research and opening new collaborations within the framework on The Nature Project. The current artwork and stands of research have reached 6 international exhibitions so far this year.

As Siobhan states ‘Creative Ireland funding has been a god-send to conduct vital research and evolve the project with a number of institutions. I've also made a significant body of work based on the concept. In essence the funding is supporting me to bring contemporary research-based approaches to pursues new research and make innovative works to reach national and international audiences.'

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