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5th May 2022
to 31st Dec 2022

Age Range

The Sweeter the Tune

A programme with older artists and older people’s groups

“Artists don’t have a shelf life. They are seemingly immune to ageist perceptions and traditional notions of retirement.”

Following a 2020 review of Leitrim County Council’s Age Friendly Policy, one recommendation put forward was to ensure that older professional artists are supported so that they may continue to make new work and continue to pursue and advance their careers throughout their lives. This project is a unique opportunity to look to address that, demonstrating that the quality and depth of an artist’s work can be enhanced with age whilst offering groups of older people the opportunity to explore their own creativity in a process led by older artists.

The Project

John McDwyer, Cathy Carmen and Charlie McGettigan are working with three established active age groups through Leitrim Active Age Forum.

Each project will be truly collaborative in nature and take the form that the artist and group choose. What form it takes will only be known over time once the artists and groups have spent time together and decided on what it is they would like to do together. 

Watch this space for further developments on this programme.

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