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1st Nov 2019
to 1st Sep 2020

Age Range
All ages

The Swimming Flagstone

A cultural heritage project connecting ‘The Lost Palace of Lixnaw’ with contemporary issues around food, biodiversity and climate change: A creative process of community engagement.

Responding to the theme of ‘The Lost Legacy of Lixnaw’ the artists will work with the local community, exploring the legacy of Lixnaw, looking back two hundred years at the culture of local food production pre famine.

Then, looking forward two hundred years and questioning the impact of climate change and the serious flooding predictions for Lixnaw.

The project will engage the people of Lixnaw in discussions about food, biodiversity and climate change drawing on the historical legacy of the past. The artists will work with local food producers, the current orchards in the walled garden of the convent and the Lixnaw Pollinator project to produce a short film.

The film ‘The Swimming Flagstone’ will incorporate imagery to reflect the changing landscape of food production and climate change: local food, growers, rivers, gardens and bees, reflecting the lush food growing in the area. Sound will be comprised of the voices of local people and children reflecting on the cultural heritage of the area in relation to food, water and the environment. Ceoltuirí na Ceolainne, Lixnaw will also be involved in the soundtrack, echoing the ancient music of the place. The project will evolve over time as a community engaged process.

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