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6th Oct 2024

Age Range
13-15 and/or 16-18

Venue to details will be available closer to the date


The Totally Made Up Orchestra

Brian Irvine, an award-winning composer and co-director of the acclaimed Dumbworld, is on a mission to revolutionize orchestral music in Ballina.  With a passion for inclusivity and innovation, Irvine believes that orchestras should be for everyone, regardless of background or experience.

Enter The Totally Made-Up Orchestra, an exciting project that invites Ballina's secondary students and adults to collaborate in creating ambitious new musical works.  Led by Irvine himself, this orchestra breaks down barriers and embraces creativity in all its forms.

Forget stuffy traditions and elitism, The Totally Made-Up Orchestra is all about blending composition, improvisation, and sheer fun.  From composing new pieces to performing them at the Ballina Fringe Festival, participants will experience the transformative power of music first-hand.

But it's not just about the music.  Through collaboration and creativity, this project fosters social cohesion, understanding and wellbeing within the Ballina community.  It's a chance to redefine what music means and who gets to make it.

Join the Totally Made-Up Orchestra and be part of something truly special.  All you need is a desire to be heard, an open mind and a big, creative heart!

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