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1st Nov 2020
to 18th Dec 2020

Age Range
13 - 17

The TY Book Club with Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Ennis Book Club Festival would like to commission Sarah Moore Fitzgerald to host a series of book club workshops with 4 different Transition year groups in Clare in lead up to EBCF 2021.

Workshop 1: Lighting the spark of stories and reading.

In this workshop the facilitator and students will get the discussion going by exchanging and sharing ideas about character and story arcs. They’ll talk about how to develop a curious approach to stories and they’ll identify and give examples of different types of story.

Workshop 2: The Apple Tart of Hope.

This workshop will focus on the themes and plot of this novel. They’ll look at how a story from two different characters’ perspectives can make for an interesting plot, where the readers know more about what’s going on than the characters do.

Workshop 3: A Strange Kind of Brave.

They’ll open this workshop with a reading from the opening chapter of this title.. This will lead into a discussion and interaction about setting up a story, how suspense works and what a suspenseful first chapter does for the experience of the reader.

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald is a professor and award winning teacher at the University of Limerick. A lot of her work and research has focused on how education can be enhanced for creative engagement and motivation among learners. She has written several bestselling novels for children and young adults, including the award shortlisted ‘Back to Blackbrick,’

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