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24th Oct 2020
to 31st Dec 2020

Age Range
All ages

The Unavoidable Interconnectedness of Everything: Art & Biodiversity workshop

Artist, Mark Clare & ceramicist, Mairead Stafford deliver workshops as part of The Unavoidable Interconnectedness of Everything project - engaging 1,000,000 individuals of all ages, highlighting the threat of climate change and its multitiered effects on local biodiversity. This ambitious project will produce an artwork that consists of 1,000,000 individual, handmade ceramic ‘shells’.

The workshop begins with an introduction to the Osmia aurulenta - one of 77 species of solitary bee that can be found across Ireland. Solitary Bees pollinate more flowers than any other group including butterflies and birds, ensuring that plant communities are healthy and productive. Osmia aurulenta is the only member of the Osmia genus that makes its nest in empty snail shells from a variety of species including the garden snail, the roman snail, the white-lipped snail, the heath snail and the grove snail.

Participants begin with observational drawings of snail shells on display as well as creative, experimental drawings. Mark and Mairead give practical demonstrations on different ways of working with clay and making 'shells'. Participants are then invited to produce their own individual shells. Mairead explains the role of oxides and glazes in the process of colouring and/or decorating of the individual ‘shells’.

Participants produce a maximum of 3 ceramic ‘shells’ in the workshops, one of which will be incorporated into the final artwork.

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