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1st Sep 2023
to 31st Dec 2023

Age Range

The Wilde Sisters

After losing their lives in a fire sisters Emily and Mary Wilde find themselves stuck in
purgatory for years, with inebriated Mary in denial that she has died and Emily refusing to leave her side. But who is really in denial?

'The Wilde Sisters' is a short film engaging creatives and the wider community in County Monaghan at its very core.  

The picturesque landscapes of Monaghan are not just the backdrop for a captivating story; they are an integral character that weaves its essence into 'The Wilde Sisters,' . Set against the stunning snowy vista of the incredible Bessmount House outside Monaghan Town, the story of Emily and Mary Wilde takes on a new dimension. It's a narrative that hits close to home, reflecting the emotions, bonds, and experiences that resonate within our community. Every scene shot in the quaint corners of Monaghan brings an authentic touch. From the incredible exterior of Bessmount House to its cozy interiors, to the quirky unusual interiors of the purgatory sets being built in Anthony Nessons (The Director's Grandfather) old furniture factory in Milltown just outside Monaghan Town. 

Director Táine King is from Oram, Castleblayney. She says, "Telling a local story is about celebrating our roots, our traditions, and the unique fabric that binds us all. 'The Wilde Sisters' is a testament to the power of storytelling, community, and the beauty of our County". 

Screening details to be confirmed. 

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