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22nd Aug 2022
to 18th Nov 2022

Age Range

Things We Are Part Of

Things We Are Part Of is a 12 week online creative writing project. This project will come to fruition as a collaborative endeavour between the arts sector, Waterford Healing Arts Trust (WHAT) and Waterford-based artist, Lani O’Hanlon, mental healthcare professionals from Waterford/Wexford Mental Health Services (WWMS) and the wider County Waterford community who access mental health services. The project aims to enhance participants overall sense of wellbeing by cultivating artistic creativity and promoting social connectedness among the County Waterford community.

The writing sessions will take place online. The online element of the project evolved out of the Pandemic as we strove to find new ways to connect our creative programme with participants across the community. Often, time and travel can be barriers to participation in creative activities. Hence, utilising online video conferencing technology removes these limitations and allows participants to engage in an enjoyable and artistic activity from the comfort of their own homes.

Life, like any good story, is made up of beginnings, middles and ends with the pages in between filled with connections, rituals and experiences. Through this lens, the project will explore themes of place, belonging, identity and meaning.

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