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1st May 2023
to 30th Sep 2024

Age Range

Timelines: Healing, Renewal and Peace

A group of eight artist-weavers from around the country, The Timelines Weavers, have gathered for a unique collaborative project: designing and weaving a large tapestry together. A collaboration of this type is unique in the world: moving from the usual working alone creatively to the novel dynamic of a group where ideas are shared and developed jointly in the process of designing a tapestry, and to the collaborative making, the task of weaving together over a long period of time interpreting the vision through yarn, colour and pattern on the loom.

Early on the theme of Regeneration/Renewal/Hope was favoured by the group. The impact of the Covid Pandemic and the images of war and destruction coming out of Ukraine were uppermost in their minds. Reflecting the ideas and inspirations of eight different artist-weavers around this theme, proved to be a fulfilling design challenge, with everyone having an input in the finished design. To weave a tapestry of 1 metre by 5 metres requires a particular loom which belongs to Terry Dunne, one of the group who lives in Wexford. It also requires the weavers to travel to his studio in groups of twos and threes to work on the tapestry in turns. After the design process, which took about a year, weaving on the tapestry is now well underway, and will take about a year to complete. When finished, the tapestry will be exhibited around the country and beyond.

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