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1st Apr 2023
to 1st Jan 2024

Age Range
All ages

Timelines: Healing, Renewal and Peace

The Timelines Tapestry Group consists of 8 Irish tapestry weavers, all living and working in 7 local authority areas.  The group members include Muriel Beckett (Wicklow), Tish Canniffe (Co. Cork), Frances Crowe (Roscommon), Pascale De Coninck (Co. Cork), Lorna Donlon (Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown), Terry Dunne (Wexford), Catherine Ryan (Laois) and Heather Underwood (Cork City).

The artists each bring a wealth of individual knowledge and experience to the process, creating a tapestry of size and of imagery which none would create as individuals as it brings together the imagination of each person. This new project is based loosely on the themes of healing, renewal and peace, drawn from collective experiences over the last few years with the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Studio work in Terry Dunne's Wexford studio will include the setting up and threading of the giant loom, the drawing of the full-size design, and the long task of weaving the new design into a tapestry. The art making will continue through 2023 and into early 2024.  The weavers will visit Wexford two or three at a time, every two or three weeks, and will weave for a number of days at a time. Always weaving together, never alone. 

A touring exhibition in 2024/25 in the artists' seven local authority areas will include this new collaborative piece. A film will be made tracing the development of the entire process of designing and making the work. This film will be shown alongside the exhibition. 

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