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1st Sep 2020
to 16th Oct 2020

Age Range
All ages

Tómas and the Swifts Children’s Booklet

Swifts are a bird of conservation concern in Ireland and Europe. They come to Ireland’s towns every year, arriving in May and departing in August. Faithful to their nest sites, they return to the same one, known as a traditional nest site, every year for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, swifts are under threat and their population has declined by over 40% in the last 15 years. Conservation actions across the country are helping to recover populations. Nest box projects can provide homes for new breeding pairs. 

Greater awareness of swifts and their ecology is an important aspect of conservation. Tómas and the Swifts will be an illustrated children’s book highlighting the plight of swifts. It will tell the story of 2 swifts returning to their nest site in Ireland at the beginning of the summer only to find it is no longer there. This book will be especially of interest to schools and schoolchildren in Mayo involved in nest box projects.

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