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1st Jul 2021
to 30th Sep 2021

Age Range
All ages

Pier Head

West Town

Tory Island Foundation – Living Heritage Project (Phase 1)

Memory matters. There are some very special places in Ireland where the stones still resonate in an ancient song, where the elemental forces that shape our humanity are everywhere present. Tory Island is such a place. Here, at the far periphery of Europe, one hour from the Irish mainland, we can seek perspective on the challenges of our time. Tory serves as a microcosm, a lens through which we may better see ourselves. We can look to the culture, folklore, mythology, heritage, songs, stories, music and visual art that is a living presence on the island and acknowledge the resilience, tenacity and dignity of the islanders.

Tory Island is a place where Ireland’s rich song, storytelling and native language continues to sound a clarion call inviting us to reflect on how to live well, in harmony with the earth, our ancestors and one another. Too often, Ireland's language and cultural traditions have been appropriated as tokens of a nostalgia. Tradition is mistakenly viewed through a lens of conservatism rather than as a source of nourishment and renewal. Lets celebrate the vitality, creativity and continuity of our cultural inheritance and honour the deep wisdom that is to be found in this special place where a people and their language and culture have survived, against the odds, for many thousands of years.Together. we embark on a process to create a dynamic online portal to facilitate access to the rich cultural heritage of Tory Island, Toraigh na dTonn.

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