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1st Oct 2020
to 30th Oct 2020

Age Range
All ages

Traditional Heritage Ironwork Restoration

Traditional ironwork is a wonderful feature of the Irish landscape, which contributes greatly to sense of place. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the traditional field gates which can still be seen, although less commonly now, dotted along our roadscapes. These gates are beautiful in their craftsmanship, material and simplicity. Ireland has a rich history of traditional forging, and most towns would have had three or four forges. It is vitally important that we understand and appreciate the value of this craft, and that the skills of these blacksmiths are preserved.  

In 2020, blacksmiths from traditional forges will undertake the restoration of two traditional flat-bar farm gates, which had become dilapidated and severely corroded over their lifetime. Using traditional techniques, they will restore them to their former beauty. The process will be photographically recorded and documented and the restored gates will be hung in an appropriate site thus becoming part of the rural landscape once again.

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