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1st May 2024
to 31st May 2024

Age Range
All ages


Partnership Court
Park Street
A91 WK52

Traveller Songs & Stories Project

The primary focus of this project will be focusing on the pillar fostering Creative Communities. Our objective is to produce an audio documentary that will compile the songs and narratives of the Traveller community residing in Dundalk. By engaging with different generations of travellers in Dundalk, we aim to uncover their stories, songs, and the reasons behind their profound impact on their lives, both in the past and present. Our intention is to gather their proud and positive narratives from the past and transform them into an audio documentary that will breathe life into these stories, enabling the younger generation to listen and gain a deeper understanding of their history. Additionally, this project seeks to enhance the knowledge and appreciation of the Traveller community and their heritage within the wider Dundalk community.

The project entails 8 members of Pavee Roots partnering with Dundalk FM to receive training in conducting interviews and gathering information from the community for a documentary. In addition, Dundalk FM will feature a monthly segment called the Traveller Hour on their radio station, where the Pavee Roots team will host and showcase stories, songs, and interviews related to the the documentary. The project aims to revive the rich songs and stories of the Traveller community, preserving their history and heritage for future generations to cherish and take pride in, ensuring that these narratives are not forgotten over time.

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