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20th Jun 2024
to 23rd Jun 2024

Age Range
All ages

Cork City Parks and Streets


Travelling ROPE (Creative Parks)

Hello, I am ROPE.  I am a rope.  

They made me absurdly big, bigger than all the other ropes.  

I am 60 meters long, 30cm thick, and weigh 196 kg.  
It takes eleven people to carry me.

I just don’t know what to do with myself.  

Do something with me!

A giant, oversized rope appears on the streets and parks of Cork - inviting you to reimagine the city by moving, holding, or just visiting ROPE on its adventures and explorations as it pops up in surprise locations.

By supersizing and scaling up one of the world’s oldest inventions, a rope, artist Ief Spincemaille has created a simple but versatile, object; Travelling ROPE which he brings to Cork this June, to explore the city and meet interesting Corkonians. Everyone is invited to sit on, hold, lift or move ROPE. Visit ROPE on its adventures, show ROPE around Cork, or follow its’ explorations on Cork Midsummer Festival social media.

20-23 June, 11am-4pm daily. Locations will be announced online and on social media @CorkMidsummer. 

Belgian artist Ief Spincemaille develops in-situ relational projects and social sculptures in non-artistic spaces. Premiered in 2017, ROPE has toured across Europe, to China, South America, and South Africa.

Creative Parks is an annual partnership between Cork City Council’s Culture and Creativity Team and Cork Midsummer Festival, collaborating with artists and communities to develop an all-ages creative day within a city park.

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