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1st Mar 2020
to 31st Dec 2020

Age Range
All ages

Tread Softly "Walking Birds Mountain III"

In 2020, the Walking Birds’ Mountain III will build upon the experiences and lessons of the previous two years, continuing with the collaborative and creative approach and extending the exhibition space. It will also include an entirely new set of artists and writers. This year, the project will see Tommy Weir, photographer and lecturer at IT Sligo, take the role as lead artist/curator. As in previous years, the project will take as its commencement a guided journey through the landscape given by the archaeologist and writer Marion Dowd, covering her explorations of archaeology and folklore, a trail of myth and wonder as well as scientific interest.

What follows is both simple and complex in The Factory Performance Space where artists work together for a period of time, developing, collaborating, and exploring new ideas and approaches. An exhibition will form from that process, extending into the three venues.

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