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Tread Softly

New initiatives as part of the tread Softly festival are;

1. Walking Birds’ Mountain II, an exhibition of the second collaboration between 13 visual and literary artists responding to the myths associated with Sliabh Dá Eán on the shores of Lough Gill. Walking Birds' Mountain I took place in 2018 and this current collaboration builds on the creative response to exhibited works.

2. The Nine Queens, derived from a line in Yeats’ play On Baile’s Strand; nine sculptors will work with community groups at beaches along the coastline of County Sligo to create a series of sand sculptures representing the daughters of Manannán mac Lír,  sea god of Irish mythology. 

3.Preparation works for the publication f the 4th in a series the literary broadsheet, The Cormorant. This is in response to the volume of submissions received

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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