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Turning with Birds and Ice

2nd Sep 2019
to 29th Nov 2019

Age Range
13 - 17

Ardmore Community Hall

Ardmore Community Hall

This project will be a creative collaboration with Ardmore Youth Group. We will use the opportunity of this award to make visible the subtle, yet remarkable layers of natural life which we co-exist with around our coastal village. This project will encourage young people to express their own creativity and to engage with the fabric of the place in which we live in a more open and imaginative way.

In developing techniques to express these creative ideas we will call in the help of a group called aemi who have been active for a number of years in Ireland - supporting and programming artists' moving image work. The world of 'moving image' holds a rich seam of examples and techniques for us to draw on as we strive to pull into visibility these subtle natural rhythms which we are surrounded by in West Waterford.

At an early stage in the project aemi will present snippets of moving image work to the group which connect with naturalist themes. As we progress through, we will call-up these examples in providing guidance / inspiration as to the creative approaches available to us.

We will sketch out creative responses to the natural rhythms which we will observe around us, drawing upon the imaging techniques, introduced to us by aemi, we will be open and creative in our responses.

The final presentation will be a public screening of our work at the Community Hall in Ardmore.

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