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12th Aug 2023

Age Range

Andersons Bar and Grill, Sligo

Kempten Parade

Ukulele Concert 2023

Working closely with Sligo County Council, Ukulele Sligo intends to offer a unique experience to Sligo.

A one-day Ukulele concert with multiple acts, that will take place at Andersons Bar & Grill, Sligo. One of our primary objectives is to showcase the talents of a diverse group of local performers. Notably, 40% of the musicians are older people, reflecting Ukulele Sligo's commitment to inclusivity and diversity. We would also intend to add a few supports acts to the bill, who are well known and well regarded in the Ukulele community nationally.

The curatorial approach of the concert aims to create a dynamic and engaging experience for the audience. The performances will be carefully crafted to provide a well-paced and enjoyable experience for the audience, with opportunities for singalongs and audience participation. The inclusion of intermediate and newer players alongside professional performers adds an element of accessibility and inclusivity.

The audience potential for this event is significant, given the popularity of the ukulele and the high interest in live performances in Co. Sligo. 

Our artist goals are to provide a platform for ukulele performers of all levels to showcase their talents. By featuring a diverse group of musicians, we aim to create a collaborative and inclusive environment that celebrates the ukulele's versatility and accessibility.

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