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1st Jun 2024
to 30th Oct 2024

Age Range
All ages

Mayo (exact venue to be confirmed closed to the date)


Wake of the Whale

Wake of the Whale will be a captivating multimedia project that delves into the history and impact of whaling on the Mullet peninsula, while raising thought-provoking questions about our own attitudes towards nature and conservation.

In the initial phase, Caomhnú Creates will conduct interviews, delve into archives and engage with the local community.  Through conversations with experts like whale conservationist Conor Ryan and local historians Pap Murphy and Thomas Bán Reilly, as well as community consultations in Blacksod and Eachléim, the group seek to uncover fascinating insights into the economic and social history of the region.

But Wake of the Whale is more than just a historical exploration—it's a creative endeavor that combines text, music, poetry, and visuals to bring the story to life.  Cellist Patrick Dexter will weave traditional Erris music and whale song into original compositions.  Poet Daniel Wade pens verses inspired by the theme.  Digital artist Paul Kinsella adds another dimension with immersive visuals, blending archival footage with contemporary imagery.

The culmination of this phase will be a live performance at the Wild Atlantic Words Festival in Castlebar and Turas Siar, accompanied by the publication of a book by Mayo Books Press.  This marks just the beginning of the journey, with plans to expand the project into a full-scale production in 2025.

Caomhnú Creates don't want this to be a static endeavour so stay tunes for more updates. 

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