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27th Jul 2024
to 5th Oct 2024

Age Range

Acorn project

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Waking the seeds

Waking the Seeds: An enchanting call to action, by developing a vision for nature in the restoration of biodiversity through the medium of art.  Imagine a symphony of creativity, where women across Kilkenny weave threads of hope and restoration.  Let’s weave magic, stitch by stitch, and awaken the seeds of restoration!

Studio Practice Days:

  • Natural Inks & Pigments: Craft your own hues.
  • Threads: Weave wonders using natural fibers and dyes.
  • Print Patterns: Design for nature printmaking.
Outreach Workshops:

  • Community Crafting: Unique workshops fostering creativity with ICA and libraries.
  • Locations: Join us in Urlingford, Freshford, Ballyraggett, Castlecomer, Kilkenny, Thomastown. Times to be confirmed.
Nature for Wellbeing:

  • Forest Therapy: Immerse in forest bathing, foraging, and nature wellness.
  • Land Stewardship: Learn to nurture nature with hands-on land management.
4 Cs Workshop Series:

  • Connection: Harmonize with nature; plant acorns and craft acorn flour.
  • Community: Embrace forest wellbeing; engage in ecology walks, biodiversity recording, foraging, and nature yoga.
  • Collaboration: Preserve the future; join our seed-saving and acorn collecting efforts.
  • Celebration: Revel in our collective work; enjoy hand crafted acorn bread 
Join us in stitching a greener future, one workshop at a time. 

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