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18th Jun 2021
to 31st Dec 2021

Age Range
13 - 17

Web of Words

An online creative writing and spoken word programme; to establish a platform for young people’s voices and creative expression in the format of an online journal. The project provides the opportunity to young people 12-21 to be a creative force within the city and encourage emerging young poets.

Work will be submitted and the editor will give feedback to a selection of poets. The editor will also select particular poems, two per month, to be published on the site.

Young artists will also be invite to illustrate the selected poems building a community of young poets and editors.

The programme will be complemented by school and library poetry workshops and future residencies.

An annual printed journal of the poems and illustrations will be also published. 

This project will recognise young people’s contribution to the city as a city of culture, giving them a platform to be heard through creative writing and the opportunity to develop through mentoring, workshops and professional editing.

A platform towards placing Cork as a City of Literature which will continue into the future through young people and diverse communities.

This creative and learning platform will support the wellbeing and mental health of young people in the city, giving them pride in their work and encouraging self-confidence and self-esteem and prospective writing careers.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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