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1st Jun 2023
to 1st Nov 2023

Age Range
All ages

What is carried (Short Film)

What Is Carried is a short film that will be shot on location in Edgeworthstown Co. Longford, written by Longford writer Eimear Reilly starring acclaimed Irish actors Liz FitzGibbon (Normal People) and Andrew Bennett (An Cailín Ciúin). What is Carried will be directed by Rosie Barrett, one of Ireland’s most exciting new directors who was recently chosen as one of the participants of the prestigious X-Pollinator scheme.

What Is Carried is a narrative short film set on a dairy farm in Longford. It centres around a woman named Anna (Liz FitzGibbon) who is trying to balance running the farm on her own and looking after her two young daughters. Over the course of one day we see her up early milking the cows, being late bringing the girls to school and sitting at home at the kitchen table looking at the mounting number of unpaid bills. A surprise visitor arrives, Oliver (Andrew Bennett) who is an animal feed salesman and has come to collect an outstanding payment from her. He has empathy for the difficult situation she’s in and decides to give her a month’s reprieve. This allows Anna to go out and do a large grocery shop. We see her cook the girls a delicious dinner, however she must put on her wellies, return to the milking parlour once more and continue the relentless rhythm of responsibility to both the girls and the farm.

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