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1st Jun 2019
to 30th Sep 2019

Age Range
All ages

Castlebridge Community Hall

Castlebridge Co. Wexford
Y35 X797

What Record Do You Hold?

The Guinness Book of Records started with a question posed by a shooting party in a small village in rural Wexford asking what the fastest bird was.  This project aims to show how small ideas enquiring about our natural world can grow and become global stories.

Involving local people, both young and old, a series of art pieces will be created. These pieces will be based on natural phenomena and remarkable human feats. By undertaking this project the participants aim to inspire a new generation of keepers, makers and breakers of records in the local community of Castlebridge.

The art pieces will be installed at key vantage points around the town and showcased in August as part of themed event on the Guinness World Records.

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