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10th Jul 2023
to 31st Oct 2023

Age Range
All ages

'Where Past and Present Converge'

‘Where Past and Present Converge’ will harness the cultural, business, history and community spirit in Bailieborough. Engaging with community stakeholders, Bailieborough Creative Hub, proposes to develop a design brief, that will, through the engagement of a mural artist capture the essence of the town, culminating in the creation of a mural on a strategic building.

The project aims to breathe new life to the exterior of an old building and streetscape. The internal space has been cleverly repurposed into a popular modern coffee dock. The building is located in a prominent location in Bailieborough town. 

The theme will enhance the features of the building and its significant location while acknowledging the newfound modern use of a once vacant premises and it is hoped that it will lead the way by showing the potential for future development of the town.

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