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Who Shot Sergeant Kirwan? - a commemorative film

This initiative is the creative of a commemorative film titled -  Who Shot Sergeant Kirwan? which re-enacts a major altercation in Ballyboughal in 1921.

At the height of the Irish War of Independence violent raids, bloody altercations, burning buildings, shocking reprisals and fatal shootings were a regular occurrence across the nation but on the afternoon of 18th April 1921 when an unplanned altercation took place in the small quiet village of Ballyboughal that resulted in the fatal shooting of an RIC Sergeant and an IRA Volunteer fear and shock rippled through the village and surrounding areas. The violent aftermath of which left a deep and lasting scar on the people of Fingal.

The film depicts an event that was repeated across the nation of Ireland at that time but is unique in its productions as many of the actors playing characters in the film are relatives of the victims and the scenes of the film were shot.

The video will be available for viewing very soon.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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