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1st Jun 2024
to 31st Jul 2024

Age Range

Headway Carrigrohane

Kenny Group House
Carrigrohane Road

Who we are Now: Our Shared Story of Illness and Recovery through Weaving

Headway is dedicated to supporting those recovering from Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) or Stroke. This unique project brings together wellbeing artist Lucy Hyland and the clients of Headway Cork, and aims to provide clients with an opportunity to express their post-recovery identities through the art of weaving.

Weaving, with its rich colors, textures, patterns, and symbols, offers a powerful medium for clients to share their stories visually. This is particularly important for those whose cognitive or language impairments make verbal expression challenging. ABI often remains a hidden disability, deeply affecting individuals, families, and communities. This project helps clients adapt to their changing realities and find their place within their communities.

The project will run an 8-week weaving programme introducing participants to basic weaving concepts and skills. Initial sessions will build a supportive community, allowing clients to share their stories and decide on the project's direction. Various mediums will be used, including collage, drawing, and painting, to inspire participants and help them find their creative voices. These ideas will evolve into a central theme, guiding the weaving process. Clients and staff will learn new stitches and work with different weaving frames, developing their skills and creating intricate designs. The outcome will be individual woven pieces reflecting each client's journey, potentially combined into a larger collaborative textile.

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